The Clinton Global Initiative and ALTe Powertrain Technologies have partnered in a bold commitment that will create clean technology jobs in America and accelerate the creation of affordable electric and hybrid vehicles in the process. It can be described as the intersection of a buying co-op for EVs and the Easy Button.

This revolutionary concept will coordinate all of the EV industry stakeholders in one website that will simplify the order to delivery process for electrifying the gas guzzling trucks and vans in our nation’s fleets. ALTe, an electric powertrain system provider, will offer fully certified full size pickups and vans that have been retrofitted with our cutting edge fully electric or plug in hybrid electric powertrains. The website will provide everything you need to electrify your vehicles, including participation from utilities, charging station providers, and finance companies as well as notifying you of available incentives.

Join us in creating green jobs and a cleaner environment while realizing significant cost savings from your fleet.

Click on the “Easy EV” button and start today!


Be the Solution


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